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You live in a historic district! Information Brochure

13 September 2010 No Comment

Rose Park Neighborhood Assn. has developed a 3-panel brochure that summarizes the key questions and resources for homeowners within historic districts. You can request a brochure from info@rpna.org. One of the key questions is “What is a certificate of appropriateness?” Or, COA, the COA is distinct from a building permit.  COA’s for minor upkeep and modifications such as fencing, house paint, and roofing are streamlined and all are encouraged to call the city’s preservation desk for guidance 562) 570-6194 and to go to the city’s historic presevation web site for the appropriate form.

If you are considering a renovation of your home’s footprint, re-design of your garage or driveway or alteration of the home’s structure please call the city’s preservation desk at the start – you’ll save lots of time.

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