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FAQ – Event Layout & Guest/Parking

Event Layout – We have tried to share in advance where vendors/exibitors/activities will be located.  You’ll enter near the corner of 4th & Junipero and then after Reception, walk through a street of vendors and exhibitors. You’ll then walk on to the green where there are crafting activities and artisans demonstrating their work and you can join in with some of them. And then, a tour of the Burbank Demonstration Gardens and through the main building to the Auditorium for the Film Fest. Enjoy!







Parking – there is no on-site parking this year. Please ride-share, walk, bicycle or find limited parking at  east side of Big Lots (7th & Junipero).

Transit – Even better, use the  Metro Blue Line for those coming from LA area and get off at the Transit Mall at 1st St. and hop on Passport B – that passes by the event site at 4th & Junipero. And plan to take short jaunts around the neighborhood because the tradefair is held in one of the largest concentrations of Cal Bungalows in Southern California.. http://www.lbtransit.com/services/passport.aspx

How will it be enjoyable and fun?

  • Stroll, listen to experts (and the music), and sit in the shade.
  • Craft something for yourself.
  • See vintage Long Beach scenes at the Film Fest.
  • Try out a color palette on your type of architecture.
  • Discover where to find your home’s hidden secrets.
  • Have a conversation with restoration specialists and craftsmen and see their work.

How will it answer my restoration questions?

Ample time for listening to exhibitors and vendors knowledgeable in historic guidelines
Bring a photo of your home. The photo will let you get specific information on how to restore your home by local experts

What is the difference between exhibitors and vendors?

Simply exhibitors are non-profit, city or community groups who provide an education service or act as a resource to the attendees.

A vendor represents a business that is available to the Long Beach community and a local talent in the restoration of homes and historic properties.

What would compel me to go?

  • Answers key questions to help me refurbish and restore my home
  • Help me increase the value of my home and its character
  • Understand how the little things can make a big difference with historical appropriateness, many that are inexpensive
  • Learn more about the certificate of appropriateness process for those living in historic districts