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FAQ – Vendors

How do I apply? Apply on-line! OR, request an application at info@rpna-tradefair.com.

What makes this event important for me to participate in?
We are planning for 600 individuals who are interested in restoration to attend. These folks own homes and want to restore them. For the most part they want to shop locally. You will meet colleagues who can help you extend and increase your reach within this community.

Who is coming?
Promotional efforts target homeowners in LB historic districts, persons interested in restoring and refurbishing their home.

How is it being promoted?
We are in national and regional magazines such as Cottages and Bungalow magazines, in addition to our local print media. We are advertising within each Historic District in Long Beach. Last but not least, eblast our dedicated restoration community strategically in advance of the event.

How can I help promote the event?
You are an important component to the success of the day and we want to help you succeed. Email us at info@rpna-tradefair.org to get an event promotions kit.

  1. Place the event cards in a prominent place in your shop/site.
  2. Let your customers know what you are going to do: such as demonstrate how to mortise a gate using hand tools, or provide folks color palettes to try on their home’s architecture or set up a room with period lighting.
  3. Place the trade fair’s web-banner on your website.
  4. Use Facebook, you can post at the Restoration Trade Fair Facebook page. . .seen on our website homepage.

What is expected of me?
Bring materials and samples that clearly identify your business/organization and the restoration services/supplies you offer. The best efforts have been those where the homeowner gets to talk with you, the expert!

What kinds of things should I bring to the event?
You will need to bring a banner, business cards/flyers, materials or items that exemplify what you do.

What makes these kinds of events successful?
The business/organizations that are most successful attract people to their booth with bright signs, interesting exhibits, and friendly faces

How can this help my business/organization?
Many homeowners have expressed concern that they don’t know who to go to for many restoration services; you are being identified as someone who can address their needs.