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Rules for Vendors

The rules for vendors as set by the Rose Park Neighborhood Association (RPNA) are as follows:

1. Purpose of Fair: RPNA considers the Restoration Trade Fair as an event to primarily display and promote restoration, refurbishment and renewal of homes, buildings within our community.

2. Responsibilities: Vendors are responsible for their own exhibit, transporting, set-up and removal, as well as content. Including pop-up, display, tables, chairs, extension cords and signage.

3. In the event of a cancellation by the Exhibitor at any time, the Vendor Coordinator shall have the right to lease the space to any one else w/o obligation to return the monies already paid and the right to retain such amount as liquidated damages. No exhibitor can set up without full payment of the space leased.

4. Space: Space is leased on a first come, first serve basis. Allocation is decided by RPNA. All efforts will be made to honor vendors’ wishes. RPNA reserves the right to reassign a vendor for the benefit and betterment of the event. Exhibitor agrees to hold harmless RPNA, the Vendor Coordinators, the sponsoring organization, all volunteers and the event booth supplier from any liability, which may result from table/booth assignment or any cause.

5. Storing: Vendors must store their supplies behind or beneath the tables to reduce clutter. All demonstrations and exhibits must be contained within the contracted space. No vendor shall assign, sub-let or share the whole or any part of the booth allotted without written permission of RPNA. Distribution of printed materials shall be restricted to the vendor’s booth.

6. Vendors who select a shared booth must not dominate the common area or the display area.

7. Neither RPNA or Luther Burbank Elementary School or The Long Beach Unified School District is responsible for lost, stolen or damaged property.

8. If a vendor requires the assistance of an official of RPNA, please contact the Event Coordinator (Gretchen Swanson) at info@rpna-tradefair.com.

9. Please note set-up time; Set-up is between 7:30am and 9:00am day of the event. Vendors’ vehicles will not be permitted on the grounds after 8:30 and must be off the grounds by 9:00am. Failure to arrive on time may forfeit vendor’s ability to exhibit. There will be no return of the vendor application fee.

10. Parking – All loading must happen at designated lot. A RPNA volunteer will be on site to ensure ease of movement between loading area and exhibit area. Vendors are expected to park in the designated area further north off Dawson (on the school grounds).

11. Removal of exhibit – Each vendor is responsible for the removal of their exhibit materials and all other materials between the hours of 4:00pm and 5:30pm. Removal of exhibit or breakdown of booth prior to 4pm is frowned on, and will influence future participation in this annual event. Prompt removal is required so that RPNA can return the school property in proper order. All trash must be disposed off in the designated area.

12. Vendor Parking/Exhibit Pass – Only 1 (one) parking pass will be issued to each paid vendor. (there is no extra parking)

13. Liabilities – The Vendor is liable for any damages to property or exhibits.

14. Insurance Coverage: The Vendor must provide to RPNA (the event coordinator) a Certificate of Additional Insured, naming both Rose Park, and LBUSD as additional insured, in advance of the event.

15. Cancelled event. RPNA will not be liable if the event is not held as schedule due to fire, acts of god, weather, terrorism, public enemy, labor strike, epidemic, or any law or regulation of Public Authority, which makes it impossible or impractical to the event. If the event is cancelled on or before September 1, 2010 payments for space will be returned, except in cases where actual expenses have been incurred. If cancelled after September 1, 2010 no refunds will be made, but a credit may be issued to the Vendor which can be applied to future events.

16. Indemnification by Vendor – The vendor hereby releases and indemnifies RPNA, LB Elementary School and LBUSD, its managers, officers, members, sponsors, employees, volunteers, agents successors and assigns, and saves them harmless from any suit or claim, for (i) any property damage or loss of property arising from participation in the Event, (ii) any loss, personal injury or other bodily injuries to Vendor or their employees, agents, or guests, rising from participation in the show, and (iii) for any damage or loss whatsoever from any cause whatsoever to property owned or controlled by, or in the custody of Vendors, or their employees, agents, or guests.

17. Loss Liability – RPNA, LB Elementary School and LBUSD shall not be responsible for any loss or damage that may result from robbery, theft, fire, strikes, accidents or other destructive causes.